Are you looking for a rental or lease desktop?

Brimat Ventures delivers desktops for corporate use on lease.

We offer Windows Desktop and All-In-One Computer rentals from Dell, HP, Lenovo and more. Mini pc’s and Apple Mac Pro rentals. Whatever desktop rental your business needs, you can count on Brimat Ventures for the best rental rates and great support service! Delivery and setup to your office or conference area countrywide.

If you need a desktop rental for an upcoming short-term business operation or event, you can count on one of the most trusted names in the business – Brimat Ventures ltd



Dell Latitude E5540


15.6 inches


Core i5






Windows 10 Pro 64bit

@ Ksh 1200 per day

IT equipment Rentals

We provide desktop rentals that operate on either the Windows or macOS platforms. While our macOS devices are, of course, Apple desktops, our Windows desktop rentals can be provided from a selection of brands, including Dell, HP, and Lenovo computers - although the brands available will vary depending on what role you need your PC rental to fill.

In addition to getting the desktops that you need, Brimat Ventures also offers custom service solutions, including on-site technicians and software imaging services for ensuring that all of your devices have the support and software you may need in order to guarantee that your desktop rental is as useful as it can possibly be during your business event or project. Browse our computer rental desktop options below, and if you'd like to know how much a desktop rental will cost, just click on any of the quote request buttons and let us know what desktop configuration you're interested in renting to find out the daily, weekly, or monthly rates.


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1. How much do you charge?

The rate depends on the specification, quantity, rental period and location.

2. I am an individual, can I rent from you?
You need to have a registered business, with supporting documents, to rent equipment..
3. Do I need a deposit?
Yes, this is only required the first time you do business with us. The security deposit is calculated on the value of equipment & the rental duration.